Cloud ComputingCloud computing has revolutionized the way companies do business. However, the cloud services you need depend on your industry and the way you run your business. Total Cover IT is always careful to source and implement only the solutions that will move your business ahead and boost productivity. No cookie cutters here.

Cloud-based services are popular because files are easily shared and organizations do not have the cost and headache of maintaining complex on-premises IT infrastructure.

Reliable, high-quality service and data security and accessibility are top-of-mind concerns when you are looking into cloud services. Total Cover IT offers Cloud solutions for a monthly fee; we host your Cloud environment, and keep it secure and available to all users that need access to them. This may be done via a private cloud, public cloud or a hybrid cloud solution. We will design and build your cloud computing infrastructure according to your organization’s specific needs, manage the entire process through implementation, and monitor and maintain it with our Proactive IT Support services.

Looking to go Cloud? Contact us today to discuss Cloud options and what may be the best Cloud strategy, and if it makes sense for your organization.