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Your office shouldn’t prevent you from getting work done. Total Cover IT lets you manage your accounts and keep track of your finances wherever you are.

Keep your cash flowing into high-growth areas, not unnecessary IT costs.

Imagine a flexible, on-demand toolbox for all your tech needs. That’s cloud computing—a convenient way to access and use different resources, like networks, servers, storage, apps, and more, from anywhere.

Think of it as having your own virtual tech warehouse that you can tap into whenever you want, without the hassle of managing and maintaining everything yourself.

Our services are fully scalable and available for a flat-rate fee, so you never have to worry about IT costs you can’t cover.

Never worry about handling the busy times ever again. We will help you migrate to the cloud and manage it for you – whether your solution is 100% cloud-based or a hybrid, you will have the flexibility to scale up or down as needed for the busy and not-so-busy times.

And yes this helps with staffing too – you’ll be able to hire people from anywhere!

Total Cover IT lets you unlock maximum efficiency and productivity for your accounting business — achieving amazing results without excessive costs.

With Cloud Computing, you get to experience the best of technology:

Need more storage?

No problem. With our cloud computing service, expanding your storage capacity is just a few clicks away. No more worries about running out of space for your accounting data. We provide scalable storage solutions that grow with your business needs.

Looking for powerful applications?

We’ve got you covered. Access a wide range of robust and user-friendly applications right at your fingertips. Our cloud computing service offers an extensive selection of powerful tools specifically designed to enhance your accounting operations.

Want to access your business at any time?

 It’s possible. With cloud computing, your accounting business is no longer tied to a physical location or limited by office hours. Enjoy the freedom of accessing your business data and applications from anywhere, at any time.

Worried about data security?

Not to worry. Data security is a top priority for us. With our cloud computing service, your business’s vital systems and data are protected from loss and even theft. We implement robust security measures to ensure your sensitive information is safe and sound.


Total Cover IT® planned and executed on a project to build an entirely new network for Chelsea, while at the same time providing computer support to staff at all of our locations. This resulted in greater reliability and security, as well as giving us the technology foundation for improving the efficiency and delivery of services to our residents. Their team did an outstanding job and I highly recommend them.

Herbert Heflich
CEO, Chelsea Senior Living

Since moving to Total Cover IT®, our computer systems run much faster. My daily Zoom calls are now effortless, allowing me to be far more productive. I appreciate the Total Cover IT® team for their attention to detail and personalized service. I trust Total Cover IT® for all our IT needs! Call them!

Sandy Klein
CEO, Thought in Motion


By ensuring work is completed with regulatory compliance, data security, minimal interruption, and more efficiency from your staff.