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Imagine losing years worth of progress in an instant. With Total Cover IT, you can count on a safety net keeping your data safe for good.

What would you do if you lost all your data right now? Have you ever wondered, "How would I recover if I lost all my data right now?”

Not a fun question to answer, is it? So don’t wait for the worst to happen before finding out. Your firm relies on crucial data to keep things running smoothly, from tax records to client information. But without a backup plan, you risk losing everything forever.

That’s why Total Cover IT offers one the most important services in IT—data backup and recovery. With our extensive expertise in computer backup, data protection, and system recovery, you can finally relax knowing that your data is always secure and readily accessible whenever you need it.

Think of it as an insurance policy for your data. Why risk losing it all when you can guarantee your data’s safety today?

Total Cover IT prepares you for any storms by providing backups that allow you to confidently recover everything—even in the worst-case scenario.

Stay ahead of the unexpected

Anything can happen at any moment. With our proactive solutions, you can prepare for the worst. Our unique system safely backs up all your firm’s information, storing it off-site for quick and reliable access whenever you need it.

Defend your business with confidence

We provide comprehensive protection for your data, network, and systems, shielding them from hacking attempts and harmful viruses. Rest assured that all your valuable assets are safe, allowing you to focus on your accounting business.

Bounce back with minimal downtime

We understand the frustration that comes with downtime and data loss. That’s why when your network crashes or your data goes missing, our dedicated team will work tirelessly to restore everything quickly and smoothly—no more wasting precious time in limbo.

Total Cover IT prepares you for any storms by providing backups that allow you to recover everything instantly—even in the worst-case scenario.


I love the quick response I get from Total Cover IT® and that they figure out what works best for me. They are always available when I need them. and will work to figure out even the most challenging issues. They have bailed me out of trouble more times than I can count!

Chris Lipper
On the Bus Sales Training

Since starting with Total Cover IT®, we have not experienced any major downtime. They began with a review of our current systems, then recommended improvements that were implemented quickly and efficiently. The Total Cover IT® team is well-coordinated, is on top of technology, and gets the job done in a timely manner without a huge amount of interruption to our firm.

Renee Mure
Renee’s Bookkeeping LLC


We keep your systems online and secure while
you and your team are working hard on tax filings, audits, and other accounting work.