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Why Do We Do This

Hello, this is David, Quick from Total Cover IT®, and today I’m just going to talk a little bit about a question that is asked of me from time to time.

Why do we do what we do here at Total Cover?

What am I passionate about in IT? 

Why do we keep doing it? 

First of all, a little bit about my background before I went into Total Cover full time.

I was in corporate IT, so I understand all the challenges that an internal IT person faces just keeping up with users’ day-to-day needs. Trying to get the proper maintenance and updates on the network systems.

Ensuring you have the proper security protection, make sure the Backups are functional and work properly, all while ensuring that projects are getting done.

These are a few of the challenges that internal IT departments for small businesses face.

The fact of the matter is, contrary to what may be believed, just because you have an internal IT department doesn’t necessarily mean that you don’t need an outsourced IT Provider.

Some of my best work was done when collaborating with outside consultants.

How I wished, back then, that I had had a dedicated IT company that I could always call upon when I needed it. 

Unfortunately (like for most), that was not the case.

The help received was great when it was done. But again, it was not something that was a dedicated IT company.

So that’s one of the primary reasons I created Total Cover IT® to be that resource for a small business, helping its internal IT.

Not to replace them, but to make them better and because I was on that side of the fence not so long ago.

I also understand the perspective of a business owner. The owner has high expectations of their IT staff and wondering why projects are not getting done. End users are not adequately being serviced in a timely fashion. Being worried about cybersecurity has gotten a lot worse since I’ve been in corporate IT.

It’s not just about having antivirus anymore or just having a firewall. Cybersecurity is something that requires much thought and planning. 

It’s ongoing monitoring and ongoing education of the end-users. There’s a lot of work, and no person can do it all and much less internal IT who’s already very overworked. 

So from that perspective, I’m very passionate about helping small businesses and internalized departments because I was one of them again. 

I want to be the resource, the dedicated IT company that I never had. 

So if you have any questions about that, feel free to reach out. I’m David, Quick from Total Cover IT, where our Eye is on your Tee. 

Thanks for watching.

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