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4 Microsoft Teams Hacks You Never Knew About

Microsoft Teams has become a staple for daily collaboration, but its hidden features might go unnoticed. Here are some of the best features Microsoft Teams has to offer, which you might not be aware of:

  1. Chat with Guests:

While many use Microsoft Teams for internal chats, you can actually message anyone who has a Microsoft 365 account. This means you can connect with customers, suppliers, vendors, or prospects using Teams by simply starting a new message and using their email address to initiate contact.

  1. Allow Guests to Access Your Team:

You can easily add guests to a Team, making it ideal for working with freelancers or temporary hires. Guests do not require a company email address, license, or account – all you need is their email address to add them to the Microsoft Team.

  1. Keyboard Shortcuts:

Teams offers various keyboard shortcuts that enhance navigation speed. Some useful shortcuts include “@Wikipedia” for a Wikipedia search, “/goto” to access specific teams or channels, “/files” for viewing recent files, “/keys” to display shortcuts, “/call” to initiate calls, “/help” to access the Teams helpdesk, and “/saved” to view your saved messages.

  1. Make a Channel Private:

Microsoft has introduced a new feature allowing you to make specific channels within a Team private. This is helpful for keeping certain work private or confidential, limiting access to only those who need it.

To determine whether a channel should be private, Microsoft provides a useful chart based on various scenarios, helping you decide how to organize your channels effectively.

Is there already a team that has these people as team members? Does this work need to be kept private from others? Are there multiple distinct topics to discuss? Recommendation
Yes Yes Yes Create a private channel in the existing team or consider creating dedicated private channels for each topic.
Yes Yes No Create a private channel in the existing team.
Yes No No Create a channel in the existing team.
No No No Consider creating a new team.
No No Yes Consider creating a new team and then, depending on the confidentiality of each topic, consider creating separate standard or private channels for each topic.
No Yes No Create a new team and consider creating a private channel.

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